This course is simple to follow and will teach you mindfulness and mindful eating. Each step is guided by text or video and has downloadable activities and resources to help you. Once you buy the course you have unlimited access to it so you can do it at your own pace and revisit it anytime you need to.

Lori x

Course Curriculum

Benefits of this course

Simple self-paced course to complete in your own time

Increased enjoyment from food

Reduction of cravings and overeating

Eat less

Better digestion and nutrition

Downloadable activities and resources to help embed the learning

Hi, I’m Lori - Welcome to my Clinic

I have written this short course to help introduce you to the concept of mindful eating. It will help you enjoy your food more and reduce cravings. It's a useful pre-cursor to using mindful eating for weight-loss (see my other courses).

I hope you enjoy this course and feel free to give any feedback!

This course is closed for enrollment.